So the professional world has its very own mind-reading machine. No, we are not kidding – Crystal Knows is a new tool out there that can read minds in business, as it give you a detailed personality report of your business prospects.

It suggests tactics and personality traits that will help its users talk to their prospects with emotional intelligence – helping them get into a client’s good books or clinch that business deal.  Stalking has reached a new level, but now we actually have a professional excuse.

Of course the first thing we did was look up our colleagues and friends (and we did a sneaky selfie too) just to test the waters and see just how eerily accurate this tool is.

The tool tells you the type of language to use when you speak to your customer, and what to do in a given situation. Is it the right time or place to use that emoji? Can I call them out of the blue?

Crystal knows. (or claims to have a certain percentage of this knowledge, at least).

Crystal Knows Emotional Intelligence Tool for Business

How accurate is Crystal Knows?

This app claims to be ‘the best improvement to email since spell-check’. At first, we were skeptical.  But it seems that with a few improvements this tool could be a winning addition to a sales pitch or networking strategy.

The tool takes its information from thousands of data sources online, data which is written about the person you're 'researching' or by the person themselves. It then runs certified personality assessments on this data to provide in-depth insights on that person's personality type.

However other results are hit or miss – some personality traits are accurate home truths, others are way off the mark. The tool offers its own relevancy or accuracy score depending on how much data is available, so that may explain this.

Another issue is that the traits used to describe characters are repeated for many people – these descriptions have appeared for very different profiles and this suggests that the well of character types are limited.  Perhaps the software needs to branch out and offer a deeper analysis so that its results are more unique. At the end of the day, Crystal Knows is potentially hours of entertainment (if you are easily amused and have lots of free time) and some result are impressively correct and slightly eerie.

Here at 256 Media, we specialise in customer insights and targeted content (with no stalking involved) so if you really want to speak to customers in their language, get in contact with us today.


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