Passwords, passwords, passwords…

We have a ridiculous amount of passwords to keep track of. How many do you have? There’s Google, Facebook, Twitter, personal email, work email, online banking logins, multiple company accounts, and that’s not even counting if you’re managing a client’s accounts.

A lot of us tend to keep it simple by using one password for the majority of our accounts, even though we’re warned against it. You may think “Who would bother hacking into my email account? I’m not very interesting.” However, it happens! You don’t need to be a spy or a celebrity to be hacked.

You may run a lower risk than a multi-million euro company, but it still happens.

We mainly do it simply because we can’t remember those recommended 15 character passwords with three letters, a million symbols, and a hieroglyph. Well, today we offer you a simple solution to this frustrating issue.


Password Management Software

The tool we’d like to introduce to you is PassPack. It’s a great way to store all of your complicated passwords while simultaneously never having to remember them. The only password you’ll need to remember is the one/s to get into your PassPack account in the first place.

What PassPack does is allow you to enter and store the logins for any website you want. You then add their ‘1 Click Login’ button to your browser tab bar and when you visit your website, just click the button and it automagically logs you in. Sorted.

Moreover, if you’re working with a company who have many accounts PassPack makes it simple for your whole team to securely share the passwords with each other. Everyone will need their own account, but once you do it’s a cinch.

Is it reaaaally safe?

I know what you’re thinking, “Isn’t giving a third-party access to ALL of my passwords really dodgy?”. PassPack uses Host Proof Hosting meaning their server does not store your unencrypted data. If their servers were somehow broken into your passwords would be safe. But even that’s unlikely as they employ AES – 256 (did someone say 256?) military grade encryption, so a hacker breaking their system is very unlikely.

Unless Skynet takes off sometime soon. Then we’re all in trouble!

Everything that we’ve mentioned is free too. You can avail of a free PassPack account with up to 100 passwords, after which you’ll have start dishing out the pennies (and we mean pennies; their deals are cheap as chips!).

When it comes to passwords, it’s better to be safe than sorry. But beyond a ‘safe solution’ it’s just downright handy.

Unless you forget your PassPack password…in which case you’re in trouble.

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