Ireland's first Content Marketing Survey

Wouldn’t it be great to see what’s really happening with content marketing in Ireland and to find out what people really think of the industry? 

256 Media, in partnership with the Marketing Institute of Ireland, has just carried out a new in-depth survey to poll Irish marketers on their content marketing, strategies, activity and spend.

It’s an unprecedented chance to get to the heart of content marketing in Ireland and to benchmark our results with international research.

You can download our FREE report by clicking the button below. Get the report to find out:

  • What metrics are Irish marketers measuring and how are they going about it?
  • What kind of budgets are our marketers spending?
  • How do Irish marketers compare to marketers in Australia, the US, and the UK?
  • What tactics are working and what tactics aren't?
  • Where are Irish marketers succeeding and where they are they falling down?

Find it all out in our State of Irish Content Marketing report!

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