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Saas businesses are different. It's not just about selling a product — it's about offering a software solution, and changing a mindset.

Inbound marketing can establish your SaaS brand as a thought leader through engaging, informative content that customers can relate to. Changing people’s minds and influencing their purchase decisions is a core strength of what we do at 256.

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256 are content experts. Partnering with the team at 256 has allowed Statwolf to implement a targeted and methodical approach to content marketing and lead generation for our business. This approach has led to significant increases in traffic and leads via our website”

Serena Pisati - Statwolf

Serena Pisati,

Brand and Marketing Manager, Statwolf

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256 has created bespoke inbound strategies for many SaaS companies, designed to achieve the targeted results their product deserves. We can help you create a story as revolutionary as your software.

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