Hootsuite is a social media management platform provider.

Audience: B2B

Type: Hero

Campaign Title: Game of Social Thrones


What It Is

Game of Thrones had the world of pop culture in the palm of its hands throughout its running time. To capitalise on the ever-expanding fanbase behind it, Hootsuite created a video to that crossed its brand with the hit television show.

Hootsuite's Game of Social Thrones shows each of the social media platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) as one of the nations of Westeros, the Game of Thrones setting, in a rendition on the opening sequence. It was a hit among fans of the Hootsuite brand and Game of Thrones, blending the two seamlessly through a well-produced and crafted video. It allowed the company to tap into the virality of the topic.




Why We Like It

You can't help but appreciate the work and level of detail that went into Hootsuite's video. It's well produced and nails the theme of Game of Thrones. Plus, this is a great example of a company cashing in on a viral topic without being too overbearing with their brand.

How We’d Add To It

Why stop with the Game of Thrones introduction? It's clear Hootsuite had the design resources to create a high-quality video, it should have continued and created spins for other parts of the show or even parody a different series altogether. It quickly hit over 1 million views on YouTube, so it's clear there was an audience for it.

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