Outdoor Voices is an American fitness apparel retailer that is commonly associated with the athleisure trend.

Audience: B2C

Type: Hub: Content that is consistently produced and captures the audience’s attention and engages through relevancy.

Campaign Title: Outdoor Voices: The Recreationalist


outdoor -voices
What It Is

Outdoor Voices, the direct-to-consumer fitness apparel brand credited with popularising the trend of colour-blocked leggings, has jumped into the content marketing game with the launch of The Recreationalist. The new media site includes city guides, product recommendations and recurring profiles with subjects such as Chip Wilson, the former CEO of Lululemon.

The content hub, which launched in summer 2019, is home to features on industry icons, a calendar of upcoming events, aggregated news and playlists for people with an active lifestyle. Basically, the kind of content their target personas are engaged with. The Recreationalist also has an Instagram channel to amplify the reach of its content.


Why We Like It

Lifestyle companies that own their own media have seen massive success in emphasising their brand (see RedBull as an example) and Outdoor Voices follows the same blueprint here.

The Recreationalist embodies the business' #DoingThings frame of mind with active content, in-person gatherings and a general culture that shows it knows its audience very well.


How We’d Add To It

The design of the homepage is a departure from Outdoor Voices' brand guidelines, where we think it could benefit from adopting some of its minimalistic designs.

The font can be hard to read in certain places on the website and the website would have a stronger connection with its parent brand by unifying the design elements.

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