Creating a buzz about real estate with Linsey Live on Facebook Live


To showcase Lisney’s properties in an innovative way.

Six five-minute long Facebook Live viewings from Lisney’s Facebook page.

Lisney Live is a showcase for Lisney properties. Filmed and broadcast live on Facebook, Lisney Live gives potential homebuyers and sellers a look both into Lisney’s process as an estate agent and some of the gorgeous houses they have for sale.

Lisney Live has reached thousands of people, led to bookings, and increased Lisney’s position as an innovative estate agent.

The strategy is simple: Lisney broadcasts a Facebook Live house tour each Friday at 11:45am to showcase a property on open view the following day. Lisney Live is promoted via strategic amplification to the target audience in the days running up to the broadcast.  The 256 team briefs the agent and facilitates practice and run-throughs before running the Lisney Live tour is broadcast.


  • Phenomenal reach: 40,570 total views on six videos.
  • Total of 690 reactions
  • Viewings up by 350 percent
  • Created leads in similar housing complexes
  • Excellent brand awareness with patrons recognising estate agents from the videos
  • Featured in Facebook’s ‘Success Story’ as a case study in effectiveness

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