EBS and the social-selling ecosystem


Winner: 2017 Best Social Media with the Pearl Awards

Winner: 2017 Best in Social Media with the Digital Media Awards

Winner: 2017 Best Finance in the International Content Marketing Awards


EBS established a social-selling ecosystem that delivered dramatic results for the business. By using the power of social media, content, and smart targeting EBS harnessed Facebook as a unique platform for generating hyper-local leads for first and next time buyers in the 26+ demographic in Ireland.

The innovative Lead Generation Network grew from a pilot into a lead generating platform in its own right, delivering a cost per acquisition that is less than half that of PPC, and substantially growing marketing share by delivering a substantial amount of all leads in 2016 via social.

Now the fastest growing bank on social, EBS has innovated how banks use Facebook as a platform for generating leads and integrating social selling into the blueprint for financial institutions in Ireland.


  • 2m reach
  • 8%+ engagement rate
  • Fastest growing bank on social, growing by 56% since January 2016
  • Significant portion of all leads to business via social selling in 2016
  • Substantial growth in market share


The campaign was a finalist for the 2019 Highest Conversion Response from a Content Program in the Content Marketing Institute awards.