Refreshing Escher 's brand and strengthened its position as The Partner for Post Offices

Escher is an Irish company with global leadership in postal software solutions. The company wanted to further strengthen its brand positioning as The Partner to Post Offices, and turned to 256 to help.

256 created a multi-pronged solution for Escher, designed as a foundation piece of work on which further content efforts could easily be supported. We strategised to identify needs around and created solutions for:

  • 256 defined and wrote Escher’s tone of voice for all branding and collateral, as well as crafting the brand’s elevator pitch and social channel descriptions.
  • We created an extensive, highly-visual PowerPoint presentation to explain Escher’s core offerings. It is used as Escher’s primary sales tool in pitch meetings.
  • Created and ran a global survey of post offices to determine future trends in the industry, further positioning Escher as the leaders in their field.
  • Extracted and collated the data into a highly-visual report to launch at Post Expo 2017, a leading industry event.
  • Wrote and animated a one-minute explainer video of Escher’s innovative products.

We conducted keyword research, assessed competitors and analysed content gaps to identify an awareness opportunity for Escher. The output was a series of blog posts about relevant topics in the industry, of interest and use to the target audience.

Escher’s whole brand has been refreshed with a charismatic tone of voice, as well as a much more effective and visually-driven presentation.

Most importantly, Escher further strengthened its positioning as The Partner to Post thanks to its work with 256.

Escher infographics

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