EBS – Hand-drawn illustrations



EBS’ tone of voice is quirky and very Irish, emphasising a warmth and sense of humour that’s not usually associated with financial institutions. EBS wanted to display a sense of humour through illustrations.


Custom graphics created for EBS, both in-house and in collaboration with talented Irish illustrator Rob Stears.

The graphics were quirky and fun and detailed popular Irish sayings around time and received wide-spread praise on social for a notoriously difficult industry. The illustrations were further used on merch: t-shirts, mugs, and calendars that were prizes throughout the campaign.


The Anytime campaign ran in September across social, TV, and digital to reinforce the brand message that ‘anytime’ mortgage meetings really are anytime. As part of the campaign, we commissioned illustrator Rob Stears to create a series of illustrations around popular Irish sayings for use online and in merchandising.

  • Unforeseen positive brand sentiment – especially rare for a financial institution
  • Winner of the Best Branded Content Campaign in the Global, Content Marketing Institue Awards (2016)
  • Winner of the Best in Finance (Bronze), International Content Marketing Awards (UK) – Bronze Using Content Marketing to Revolutionise EBS (2016).