Glossier is an international e-commerce business that specialises in beauty care products.

Audience: B2C

Type: Hygiene: Basic content like landing pages and FAQs that provide customers with answers to their questions.

Campaign Title: Real people share their real-life routines

What It Is

Already well known for its user-generated content, Glossier effectively creates an interactive FAQ featuring some of the real-life routines of its customers on its homepage. Given that the brand is all about empowering its shoppers with educational content, it's no surprise that visitors only have to scroll down the homepage to get beauty care advice from a Glossier user.

There's often little need for a FAQ section for e-commerce websites aside from sales enquiries, and Glossier shows that there's a way to answer questions that visitors didn't even know they had. By laying out popular routines that its audience is likely looking for, Glossier makes it easier for shoppers to find the products they need.


Why We Like It

If e-commerce websites had FAQ sections, they'd largely be questions like, "If I buy X product, how will it help me solve Y problem?" Glossier understands that and bucks the trend by saying, "If you want to solve Y problem, you can use X product."

It's a refreshing alternative to typical website hygiene elements and it's made possible because Glossier believes so much (and rightfully so) in its hub content - or content that partners and real-life users produce.

How We’d Add To It

Glossier's Real Life Routines has the potential to turn into hub content if they create more of it. But as hygiene content, we'd like to see it broken down into easily defined categories - morning routines or getting ready for a night out. Ideally, Glossier would source all of these "FAQs" (or maybe Frequently Asked Routines?) from their loyal customers.

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