Travel Japan: Regions of Japan

Travel Japan is the national tourism marketing arm for the country.

Audience: B2C

Industry: FMCG

Type: Hygiene

Campaign Title: Regions of Japan

What It Is

Visiting a new country for the first time can be a daunting task for less experienced travellers. Where do you go? What do you see? What can you do? Travel Japan makes it easy for tourists to understand this information from the start with its interactive tool showing the regions of Japan.

Found on the homepage, the tool cycles through the regions of Japan while giving readers a short synopsis of what the area is most well known for. It offers four photos that show distinctly different activities that people can take part in, as well as highlights the area on the map. From there, visitors can cycle through to find the region they want to learn more about and quickly get information on it.

Regions of Japan websiteWhy We Like It

Travel Japan's interactive tool is simply but highly effective. Its audience doesn't have to waste any time searching for information on the Kanto or Hokkaido regions. They can easily sift through them on one page to find the activities they want to do and then click on to learn more.

How We’d Add To It

If the 'Regions of Japan' tool is the vehicle, then the destination is left lacking. While there's enough information to get visitors started on their research, Travel Japan has the opportunity to turn these pages into a full-blown hub. More content and even a few videos could keep people on the page for longer.



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