Cheerios Recipes

Cheerios is a cereal brand sold under the General Mills corporate family.

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Campaign Title: Cheerio's Recipes

What It Is

Cheerios are a cereal that's commonly associated with young children given their fun, accessible shape. It's a healthy cereal that has already found a home in many families' pantries for breakfast - now, the brand is trying to break into other food categories.

Its Recipes hub helps Cheerios get there. It contains a wide range of recipes for breakfast smoothies, desserts and everything in-between. Each recipe is quick and easy to make and features Cheerios as one of the key ingredients. While some are simple - like the Cheerios Fun Cereal Cookies - others may endear themselves to families with older children too, like the Mini Cheese, Tomato and Basil Quiches.

cheerios-websiteWhy We Like It

Hats off to Cheerios. Recognising that its cereal was being used for dishes other than breakfast, it jumped on the advantage to grab the organic traffic that was looking for those recipes. It's a great way to embed itself in the family's diet, which is sure to influence sales and drive brand loyalty.

How We’d Add To It

While the homepage of the Recipes section is well-designed, the recipe cards themselves are outdated. Often times, they're flat out difficult to follow along with given all the text. Many of these are 10-20 minute dishes that would do well in a video or gif format - and make it easier for children to follow along.



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