IBM - Every Second Counts

IBM (International Business Machines) is a global technology company that supplies hardware, software, cloud-based services and cognitive computing.

Audience: B2B

Industry: Technology

Type: Superhero

Campaign Title: Every Second Counts

What It Is

IBM’s Every Second Counts campaign used an immersive experience to explain why a cyberattack recovery plan is an essential requirement for global businesses. Aimed at key industry decision makers, the campaign began with two videos, which earned IBM the Chair Award and the Highly Commended mention for Best Content Marketing Campaign at the Drum B2B Awards 2019.

IBM then went bigger and better for their live events, allowing audiences to engage with a cyber attack scenario in real time, seeing the effects of a positive and negative outcome. This approach won IBM the Best Use of Martech for Live Events at B2B Marketing’s Martech Awards.

Why We Like It

IBM draws on a real-life scenario, capturing the fear of the unknown in the form of a cyberattack. It starts out like any other day in an office, familiar to many of us, but things unravel terrifyingly fast. You’re left reeling at the thought of what might be… an excellent example of immersive content marketing.

How We’d Add To It

IBM have added to their original concept to get the most out from it, taking it from YouTube videos to real-time presentations and live events. We would love to see leverage of the campaign on social as short snippets capture attention, encouraging the user to go and watch the full video.



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