Pearn Kandola - Racism at Work

Pearn Kandola is a business psychology provider that offers diversity and inclusion onboarding, coaching and training.

Audience: B2B

Industry: Human Resources

Type: Hub & Hero

Campaign Title: Racism at Work 

What It Is

Pearn Kandola’s Racism at Work series started as a six-month digital campaign with a dynamic content hub featuring book extracts, articles and a hero podcast series with notable people such as John Barnes, former England footballer. This series approaches a sensitive yet massively topical subject with the aim of raising awareness and encouraging users to engage further with a relevant issue in today’s workplace.

The content was promoted via LinkedIn and yielded tangible results with a 25% increase in traffic to the Pearn Kandola website, a 43% increase of LinkedIn followers and several industry awards.



Why We Like It

Eye-catching graphics, informative insights from industry experts, and a hardworking content hub, there is a lot to like about this work. It provides businesses with a conversation starting point and a framework from which they can progress their own company policies on key workplace issues.

How We’d Add To It

Since launching the Racism at Work campaign, Pearn Kandola has established a webinar series. It continues the conversation, digging deeper into wellbeing in the workplace. To further add to this weighty topic, we would include evidence of change, discussing what positive steps are being taken to fight against racism in the workplace.



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