Microsoft - Microsoft Story Labs

Microsoft is a multinational technology company that develops, makes, and licenses computers and computer software.

Audience: Enterprise

Industry: Technology

Type: Hub & Superhero

Campaign Title: Microsoft Story Labs   

What It Is

Microsoft Story Labs is a platform featuring videos, longform articles and interviews, all of which are the ‘stories’ of Microsoft employees from every department in the company, while subtly showcasing Microsoft products and services at the same time.

A clever concept, Story Labs piques consumer interest by sharing the intricacies of each employee’s success story while subtly brand building behind the scenes. It lends human interaction to this major multinational, instantly making it more appealing and intriguing to potential users, especially those looking to make headway in similar careers.

Why We Like It

Microsoft Story Labs is smart, full stop. A simple concept but the way it’s utilised is seriously slick with engaging headlines, vibrant images, colourful graphics, and sharp video content. It’s refreshing to see a massive company publicly advocate its people and the human-interest theme at the heart of this project is key to its overall success.

How We’d Add To It

There’s a lot of places a concept like this can go but in the middle of a world pandemic, options are limited. Instead of live events, a series of webinars where the employees bring their stories to another audience would work well, particularly if targeted to users who have already engaged with the platform.



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