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Salesforce is a cloud-based software company focusing on customer service and marketing solutions for enterprise brands.

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Industry: Software

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What It Is

Cloudcast is a huge library of podcasts created by Salesforce covering everything from marketing trends and admin advice. They also have podcasts that branch off into interviews with industry leaders and there’s even a mindfulness podcast that explores engrossing stories.


Why We Like It

Cloudcast was started by one Salesforce employee who recorded the episodes in her closet. That’s grown into eight separate podcasts and has won some awards for content marketing.

The podcast shows how adaptable and decisive Salesforce is. Podcasts have quickly become a very popular way for people to consume content and Salesforce reacted to that growing demand. Podcasts themselves allow a brand to respond quickly to hot topics, without the need for time-consuming, and budget consuming video and graphics to be made.

Salesforce follows up each podcast with a list of resources mentioned as well as a full transcript of the podcast, thus making the content accessible and consumable in more ways.

How We’d Add To It

There’s a growing trend of podcasts, interviews and even gamers live streaming on platforms such as YouTube and Twitch. This gives people an extra layer of interaction with the hosts.

We’d love to see Salesforce livestream some of their podcasts and see what questions viewers come up with for the host and guests.

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