Rockwool’s 7 Strengths of Stone: Test Series

Rockwool manufactures stone and wool insulation products for the construction, marine and off-shore industries.

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Industry: Manufacturing

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Campaign Title: 7 Strengths of Stone: Test Series

What It Is

7 Strengths of Stone: Test Series is, you guessed it, a series of seven tests showing off the strength of stone wool, one of Rockwool’s products. The highly engaging videos are delivered with a heavy dose of humour while still showcasing the products serious attributes.

The range of tests show how adaptable the product is numerous situations and they manage to make it personable by including people from the company in settings that the viewer can relate to.


Why We Like It

Insulation can be a dull topic to sell to people, not too many people get excited by it, but with this series Rockwool has created video content that’s entertaining, shareable and manages to get people enthusiastic about insulation.

How We’d Add To It

The Test Series videos are great and really engaging, but we’d love to see them go even bigger. Take the stone wool out of the lab and see how it deals with some Top Gear-like challenges in the real world.
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