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You've been hearing a lot about content marketing, right? How could you miss it? Google is in love with content. So much so that you can throw buckets of money at pay per click campaigns to get you to the top of the screen, but you just cannot cheat when it comes to your site's organic rank.

International brands like Coca Cola and American Express are already leading the way in content marketing. Some have even taken it to extremes by setting up brand newsrooms to drive their content activities. But in Ireland content marketing is still just a nipper. Many Irish marketers are just getting to grips with what they need to do next. Very few have produced a written content marketing strategy.

To help companies assess how they rate on content marketing 256 Media has created this 60 Second Content Marketing Quiz.

It's more fun than diagnostic but it might just get you thinking about content. Try the Content Marketing Quiz now, and if you like it please spread the content love.




Karen Hesse

Karen Hesse

Karen Hesse is Founder and CEO of 256, a multi global, award-winning digital strategy agency based in Dublin, Ireland. With over 25 years’ experience helping B2B and B2C brands make informed business and marketing decisions, Karen specialises in using storytelling to grow brand love and guide digital transformation. 
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