SecureWorks is a US-based information security and cybersecurity services provider.

Audience: B2B

Industry: Cybersecurity

Type: Hub

Campaign Title: Resources

What It Is

It isn't unique for SecureWorks to have a resources section devoted to prospects and customers on its website - nearly every business does these days. The company does differ in that it doesn't produce any blog content on this hub, instead opting to promote case studies, webinars, whitepapers and videos.

The starting point for many companies diving into content marketing is blogging, but SecureWorks pushes that aside to focus on high-value assets that take considerable resources to create. When accounting for its research team that's publishing insights on cybercriminals activity, it's clear that SecureWorks takes education on these topics seriously.

SecureWorks resources page features a wide range of valuable content, ranging from case studies to videos.


Why We Like It

SecureWorks gets bonus points for creating a content hub that doesn't lean on blogs to drive its conversation. While it's not a ground-breaking change to content marketing in general, it does show that the company seems to think its customers and prospects will benefit more from in-depth content.

How We’d Add To It

One of the reasons that blogs are so popular in terms of resources is because they provide ungated content to nurture interested readers. While SecureWorks has a wealth of content available, nearly all of it is gated. Opening up some of this content and removing any barriers might encourage visitors to move through the website.

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