Square is a US-based financial services company that sells Point-of-Sale software and equipment, as well as other services.

Audience: B2B

Type: Superhero

Campaign Title: For Every Kind of Dream


What It Is

A picture tells a thousand words and Square realised that documentaries based on the small business owners they've helped find success could be more powerful than any case study. Working with the filmmakers at Even/Odd, the company launched a campaign to highlight the unique challenges they've overcome: “For Every Kind of Dream”.

From a Syrian refugee who opens a falafel shop to an entire town banding together around small businesses, each video explores in-depth what's behind the motivation to succeed and the obstacles surrounding it. These expertly produced videos have won praise for their quality and aren't your average B2B content marketing assets.  


Why We Like It

It's hard not to like a company that puts in the extra effort and Square clearly did so here. It wasted no resource in telling the riveting stories behind some of the business owners that its tools and systems helped reach their dreams. It's a touching tribute to the people they're helping and it's easy to forget it's a case study.

How We’d Add To It

Square wasn't short on fanfare when this campaign launched in 2017, but it has lost a bit of momentum since then. The stories are evergreen and there are surely hundreds of thousands of inspiring documentaries waiting to be created. The only question we'd ask is, why aren't there more?

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