One tip to supercharge website performance

How much do you know about page rank?

If it's next to nothing, you're not alone.

There was once a time when every marketer was trying various tactics to increase the PageRank score for their websites before Google stopped talking about it​ 10 years ago.​

Technical SEO expert, Barry Adams, explains​ what you need to know about PageRank and its importance in 2020.​

Video Transcription

Top SEO tip, understanding how Google works is a great way to make you a better SEO. Things like crawling, indexing and ranking, the three core processes of all search engines, including Google, are crucial to becoming a better SEO. If you understand that, you're never really going to go wrong.

One specific aspect of SEO that I think very few SEOs really understand is page rank. Google stopped talking about page rank more than 10 years ago, and as a result, a lot of SEOs believe Google doesn't use page rank anymore, but they still do. They definitely still do.

Page rank is still important

All the patterns and research papers about page rank are still being updated, still being refreshed, still being written. The reason Google stopped talking about page rank is because they don't want us as an industry to obsess about page rank as we used to. And that sort of works.

Although of course, we still understand that links, which is basically what page rank is all about, are incredibly important for SEO. So understanding page rank, specifically a concept like page rank damping, the page rank damping factor, is really crucial to understanding how link value flows through a website and from one website to another website, and how every layer of clicks diminishes the ranking potential of a specific page.

So that's what I would say is my one top tip, understanding Google and understanding page rank, page rank damping factor, because that will help you make much more informed decisions about things like site structures, internal linking, and where to get external links from.

Good luck.



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