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Supercharge your email open rates

Liz Willits explores the power of short email subject lines.

To be a successful email marketer, you need to know what makes a great subject line. It's your job to ensure that readers eyes are drawn to your message, click through, and read your email. Liz Willis explores how a shorter subject line may be the best strategy if you want to stand out in the inbox.

Video Transcription

I'm Liz Willits and I help businesses grow with the power of email marketing. And I'm going to share a quick way you can improve your email open rates here. Here it is. Use short email subject lines, and there's two reasons that this can improve your email open rates. Number one, it's good for your mobile readers.

On mobile devices, subject lines get cut off somewhere between 30 and 40 characters, depending on where the email is opened, and mobile readers account for nearly 50% of email opens. So, it's really important to cater to this audience, and if you send shorter subject lines, they're less likely to get cut off.

But there's a second reason short subject lines can improve your email open rates and that's that most people aren't sending short subject lines. In fact, research by AWeber found that only 11% of people send subject lines with 20 characters or less. So, if you can send a subject line of 20 characters or less, you'll stand out, and this can improve your email open rates.

Liz Willits
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Liz Willits is a keynote speaker and marketing expert. Through her highly-rated webinars, online courses, speaking gigs, and email campaigns, Liz has taught hundreds of thousands of small business owners and entrepreneurs how to successfully grow their businesses online. She offers up actionable, proven, easy-to-understand steps on how to grow your email list, create addictive content, and launch your own profitable, long-term marketing plan with ease. She’s sent millions of emails and knows what it takes to create messages that convince subscribers to open, click, and convert.