Airbnb Experiences

Airbnb is an online marketplace for arranging or offering lodging, primarily homestays, or tourism experiences.

Audience: B2C

Type: Hub: Content that is consistently produced and captures the audience’s attention and engages through relevancy.

Campaign Title: Airbnb Experiences 


What It Is

Airbnb created a new website section with travel itineraries and activities to do in a specific location. On the travel page, the user can find useful information such as an activity timetable, a map, photos of the place, recommendations and much more before packing their bags.

Part of the attraction is that this is collaborative content, where Airbnb encourages artists, entertainers and guides to share activities around the world and partner with the Airbnb hosts.


Why we like it

Airbnb took the opportunity to bring two things together: more information about the place that the user is looking for and a CTA offering accommodation on Airbnb. It's the perfect combination between content and sales.

By having this content on its website, Airbnb also greatly improved its ranking on Google organic results, where the company goes face-to-face with commercial giant TripAdvisor.




How We’d Add To It

The Experiences page could add more interactive capabilities, such as a profile filter with questions like the 'number of guests on the trip', whether the user prefers cold or warm weather, 'beach or mountains', etc.

The idea is to show them suggested destinations according to their personal preferences. This would offer a more personalised experience for the user and enhance their search experience.


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