It’s been getting rave reviews in the US (despite some comparisons to Flipboard).

The Facebook Paper standalone App was released for IOS in the US this month and is yet unavailable in Ireland.

However, the tech wizards at 256 Media have already had more than a sneak peek. Infact we’ve downloaded it to our iPhones and so far are very impressed with the user experience.

We definitely see a use for Facebook Paper for anyone in marketing who creates, curates and distributes content.

Try Facebook Paper on your Irish iPhone

Read below to find out how to try Facebook Paper on your Irish iPhone. Remember you need IOS7 to run Facebook Paper so it will work for anyone with an updated iPhone 5 or iPhone 6. One word of warning: this runs contrary to Apple's T&Cs and you may lose some paid Apps so do so at your own risk.

Once you've followed the below steps and installed the App a helpful video loads automatically to talk you through the features of the Facebook Paper.

How to set up Facebook Paper on an Irish iPhone

  1. Go to the App Store on your iPhone
  2. Click on the Featured star at the bottom of the screen.This brings you to featured apps. Scroll down to the bottom of this page to find your Apple ID. Click on This.
  3. A screen pops up with your Apple ID. Click on View Apple ID.
  4. A screen pops up and you will be asked to Enter your Apple ID password. Enter this and click Ok.
  5. This brings you to your account settings. Find the Country Region and change the Setting to United States.
  6. On Payment Options Select None. Select State as IL and use the postcode 60018.
  7. You can now install the Facebook Paper App for the App Store
  8. Once the App is installed you can repeat steps 1 through 5 above but this time select Ireland as your store. You may have to re-input your payment options.

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Karen Hesse Karen Hesse is Founder and CEO of 256, a multi-award winning global content marketing agency based in Dublin, Ireland. A journalist and publisher she has over 25 years experience developing content strategy for brands.

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