Northwell Health: The Well


Northwell Health is an integrated healthcare network and is New York state's largest healthcare provider.

Audience: B2C

Type: Hub: Content that is consistently produced and captures the audience’s attention and engages through relevancy.

Campaign Title: The Well by Northwell

Take a look at Northwell Health's The Well



What It Is

The internet has made healthcare-related information easy to come by, but difficult to verify. As New York’s largest healthcare provider, Northwell Health created The Well as a solution to that issue.

The Well is Northwell Health's take on hub content and serves as a springboard for readers to learn about other people's struggles with health, best practices for their own health and deep dives into trending topics that may be otherwise starved for accuracy.

As winner of the Content Marketing Institute's Best Content Strategy award in 2019, The Well serves as an excellent example of how a brand can create a community around wholesome, honest and consistent content.



Why we like it

Content marketing can be a powerful trust-building tool with certain audiences and Northwell Health has fully realised its potential. In an age where people are going online more than to their doctors for advice on illnesses, The Well offers a transparent one-stop-shop for educated content.


How We’d Add To It

It's clear that one of the goals of The Well is to combat misinformation and give readers a trusted outpost to learn more about their health and illnesses. While the content certainly exudes confidence and trust, creating author pages for the various medical professionals that write and contribute to the articles may create an even stronger bond through greater transparency about who’s writing it and what their qualifications are.


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