BT’s Community Management

BT is a multi-national telecommunications firm specialising in mobile and broadband.

Audience: B2C

Type: Hub

Campaign Title: Community Management

What It Is

Social media is a place where customers can connect with companies - but not every exchange is a flattering one. It has also become a place for angry customers to vent. BT's community management team on Twitter shows how businesses can take punches to the chin while still giving out great customer service.

BT has a large team on Twitter fielding customer complaints that would normally be handled by customer service reps. When the company is experiencing a high volume of requests - such as during the COVID-19 pandemic - its community management team can lighten the load and delight customers by taking these requests through Twitter and actioning them.


Why We Like It

We often highlight social media for the great engagement that companies yield from their campaigns, but its important to remember that it's a source of customer pain and conflict too. Rising to the occasion with sincere and helpful community management is an added value that can assuage fears and boost brand loyalty.


How We’d Add To It

BT is practising textbook community management on its Twitter feed. The only recommendation we make is to bring back its old way of doing things - BT used to have a separate Twitter account for dealing with customer requests. This can keep poor engagement isolated, while still providing customers with prompt service.





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