’s Loan Calculator is a US-based classified ads website for automotive vehicles.

Audience: B2C

Industry: Automotive Marketing Services

Type: Hygiene

Campaign Title:'s Loan Calculator

What It Is

In the US, "car loan calculator" is a term that's searched over 670,000 times per month, making up nearly 80 percent of global traffic. It signifies a clear user intent – that the visitor wants to buy a car – and seized on its potential with its car loan calculator, which now sits at the No. 1 ranking on the SERP.

The tool has four different calculators within it: Car Loan, Affordability, Cash Back or Low Interest, and Loan or Lease. It makes it easy for shoppers to visualise their spending potential and understand what kind of financial security they have in making such a large purchase with a relatively long lifecycle.


Why We Like It

Give the people what they want! recognised a massive demand for a car loan calculator and filled the need with a well thought out piece of hygiene content. Plus, it directs users to search for cars within their price range by applying the estimated vehicle price the user inputs to its car search tool – a great CTA.

How We’d Add To It

Staying on top of a SERP with over 670,000 monthly searches isn't easy - especially when Google is aiming to make it a no-click search with its own tool. We recommend running a hearty mix of PPC for the keyword as well as optimising the text on the page continuously to ensure it remains No. 1.



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