San Diego Tourism Authority’s Bliss Break

The San Diego Tourism Authority is the tourism marketing arm for the city of San Diego.

Audience: B2C

Industry: Tourism

Type: Hero

Campaign Title: Bliss Break

What It Is

A view of the beach. A glimpse of a roller coaster. A cup of coffee while watching the waves roll in. These are the types of scenes that elicit imagination - like the kind you get when you're thinking of taking a holiday. The San Diego Tourism Authority uses them as a part of its Bliss Break campaign.

Bliss Break is a series of short videos that emphasis the audio of the surrounding area to try and get viewers to feel like they're there in San Diego. The 10 videos feature a host of different areas, activities and sounds, perfect for any of the personas that the organisation is trying to influence.


Why We Like It

When it comes to video and tourism, you often find large campaigns with amazing cinematography. The San Diego Tourism Authority shows you can elicit just as much emotion from a simple, intuitive campaign. Bliss Break is a great use of resources and a novel idea.

How We’d Add To It

The audio clips are only just touching the surface of their potential. Many people look up ASMR sounds to fill the air during downtime or when they're doing an activity. San Diego Tourism Authority could make longer clips, post them on Spotify and even use Spotify advertising to get them in front of a new potential audience.



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