Spotify’s Wrapped

Spotify is an international audio streaming platform based in Sweden.

Audience: B2C

Type: Superhero: Innovative content that sets the bar by incorporating new formats or channels to engage with the audience outside of the usual mediums.

Campaign Title: Wrapped


What It Is

If you're active on Instagram, you probably saw it pop up on almost all of your friends' Stories. It's Spotify's year-end wrap-up and it features colourful depictions of big data and peoples' favourite songs. Pages show how much time the person has spent listening to music or podcasts, who their favourite artists were and what genres made up their year.

Always coming at the end of the calendar year, Spotify's Wrapped has now asserted itself as *the* social media trend for music lovers and concert-goers alike. It's a unique campaign that shows just how intertwined the brand has become with its users' daily lives.



Why we like it

There are few B2C campaigns that generate as much earned media as Spotify's Wrapped. When it comes out every year, there's a week-long period where it's guaranteed to show up on most Instagram Stories and short-form video mediums. It's an excellent example of how you can use big data and great creative to go viral.


Spotify Wrapped


How We’d Add To It

Spotify's Wrapped is effective because it's simple, easily accessible and graphically pleasing. It has found its niche and there isn't much to improve on it without losing what makes it effective. The desktop version of the campaign, however, wouldn't suffer if it gained more interactive features.


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