Blendtec is a US-based company that sells residential and commercial blenders.

Audience: Enterprise

Type: Hero: Standalone assets that dive into a topic in-depth to give readers a solution to their challenges, usually as the centrepiece of a campaign.

Campaign Title: Will It Blend?

What It Is

Blendtec showed everyone that there is indeed a fun side to blenders with its 'Will It Blend?' YouTube channel. Armed with items ranging from glow sticks to an iPad, the company's founder, Tom Dickson, asks a simple question - will it blend?
Blendtec's simple yet oddly enticing videos earned the business scores of awards and widespread recognition, all while gathering over 280 million views across their suite of YouTube videos. The videos became a way for the company to branch out from being just another blender business while cultivating a mass following in a fun way that shows off the effectiveness of its products.

Why We Like It

How can someone not like finding out if non-blendable objects will blend? In all seriousness, Blendtec put on a content marketing master lesson with the introduction of its YouTube channel. It was able to build a strong brand around an ordinary product and engage with its audience without straying too far from its core mission.

How We’d Add To It

Blendtec hits the nail on the head as far as a one-channel strategy goes. We'd like to see the company commit more to 'Will It Blend?' on Instagram, where it only has less than 1,000 followers. Quick-hitting videos, engaging viewer polls and quizzes would be great content for the platform. The viral nature of that content would make it easy to grow the account organically.

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