Glassdoor is an online review network for companies catered to current, former and prospective employees.

Audience: Enterprise

Industry: Internet

Type: Superhero

Campaign Title: Best Places to Work

What It Is

Great superhero content is an extension of the brand's goals and values. With Glassdoor being an online review forum for current, former and potential employees to be transparent about their companies, its "Best Places to Work" ranking is a perfect match.

The "Best Places to Work" ranking is an annual byproduct of employees' reviews, culminating in a list that spans countries and continents to let people know which businesses put their workforce first. It's highly navigable and also features filters for the best CEOs, cities that are best for jobs and what the highest paying jobs are. It's a transparent look at some of the most common quests jobseekers ask.


Why We Like It

Glassdoor is first and foremost a content publisher - except all the content it publishes is user generated.  The "Best Places to Work" list is a great consolidation on its part. The list makes it easy for employees to search for the perfect company or job opening at scale, which also happens to be an emerging goal of the platform.    

How We’d Add To It

This is a project that has been running for over a decade now, becoming highly customisable and bringing in more information as it gets older. Glassdoor does a fantastic job putting all of this together and making it easy to navigate. There isn't much to do here that would make a significant impact.

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