Malibu Boats is an American recreational boat and part manufacturer.

Audience: B2C

Type: Hygiene: Basic content like landing pages and FAQs that provide customers with answers to their questions.

Campaign Title: Build A Boat

What It Is

They say a boat owner's two best days with their boats are the day they buy it and the day they sell it, but Malibu Boats wants to put the day they design it in there for consideration. The well-known recreational boat manufacturer hosts a Build A Boat tool on its website, allowing users to custom design any of its boats.

The interactive element gets users thinking about buying long before they order or step in a shop. It escalates the speed with which those who are, "just shopping around," start thinking about their purchase and gives those on the edge the time and space they need to see if the large purchase is the right choice for them.


Why We Like It

Malibu Boats created hygiene content in its most pure form: an interactive walk-through of the digital product. It might not answer any questions regarding owning a boat, but it gives those in the consideration stage the ability to walk through their dream designs.

It appeals to those wanting to learn more about their potential purchase and those who have never thought about buying a boat before.


How We’d Add To It

The brand has built a visually compelling website, but it suffers from slow loading times. This extends to the Build A Boat tool.

While it may be difficult given the amount of video and high-quality imagery in place, Malibu Boats should talk to their web developer about improving those loading times to create a better browsing experience.


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