Monzo is a UK-based financial services company primarily focused on consumer banking.

Audience: B2C

Type: Hero

Campaign Title: You Make Monzo, Monzo

What It Is

Name a company that has created a video about its unique selling points and we'll show you a video that forgot about its consumers. It's a common misstep many businesses make, but one that Monzo leapt over with its "You Make Monzo, Monzo" video.

The hero asset is one-part an exploration of Monzo and its services, and another part a feature on how everyday customers use Monzo. Its simple but witty script and seamlessly strung together video helps viewers keep the focus on what makes Monzo so popular among its users, while in the back of their minds thinking about whether they need to make the switch. It masterfully blends the line between being brand-focused and customer-focused.

Why We Like It

With over 20 million views since it hit YouTube in May 2019, it's safe to say that Monzo's video has been a success. The banking and financial services industry has been stuck in a traditionalist phase for far too long - Monzo breaks free from the dryness with an advertisement that's both entertaining and informative.

How We’d Add To It

There's nothing to add here: this is a company that nailed the true intent and purpose of a hero asset. It was able to convey its unique selling points while still making the video feel like it was all about the consumer. The YouTube comment section and praise from industry experts all seem to be in agreeance here.

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