Morgan Stanley is a multinational financial services company based in the US.

Audience: Enterprise

Industry: Financial Services

Type: Hub

Campaign Title: Ideas

What It Is

When it comes to creating content, wealth management service companies like Morgan Stanley have a vastly different target audience than a bank would. It's no surprise then to find the business creating specialised content for its hub, dubbed 'Ideas'.

Broaching topics across healthcare, the economy and technology, Morgan Stanley tackles the large, omnipresent ideas circling every investor's head. It's the thoughts like, "how does the pandemic affect US equities," or "how does AI affect healthcare," that are on their minds and covered in these blogs. Its 'Ideas' podcast adds to the discussion with an audio format that takes a dive into some memorable topics.    

Morgan Stanley's Ideas

Why We Like It

Morgan Stanley's Ideas hub tackles big picture questions, grapples with topics that are off the beaten trail and, on its podcast, dives into topics that the average person wouldn't think to explore. It's a perfect example of how content uniquely created for a specific target audience can produce something valuable in return.

How We’d Add To It

We're guessing that Morgan Stanley knows exactly how its audience likes to consume the content. Still, it's surprising that with all the on-site visits its podcasts take, that there's no video aspect to go along with it. These could make for great shorts that would likely do well on YouTube and LinkedIn.

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