Reebok is an international fitness apparel retailer specialising in shoes and clothing.

Audience: B2C

Type: Hero

Campaign Title: Reebok: 25,915 days

What It Is

The average lifespan covers 25,915 days of learning, adventure and spending time with loved ones. With its video "25,915 Days", Reebok makes sure it's audience knows that sport has a place in that time too.

Starting in reverse order, the video casts a spotlight on an unnamed woman as viewers see her move from triathlons in her old age, to obstacles courses and CrossFit in her middle age, to mischievous running and speed races when she's younger. The video ends with a young girl, perhaps realising she had a knack for this thing called "running" as she beats out a similarly aged boy in a race.

Why We Like It

Apart from having a strong female protagonist, the video is cleverly crafted to show how the brand sticks with athletes throughout their entire lives - all 25,915 days of them. It's a motivational video that tries to get athletes to buy into the idea that they have a limited amount of time on earth and that they shouldn't hold back from sport because of it.

How We’d Add To It

Reebok nailed everything about this hero asset, with a strong female lead and an interesting story told in a short time frame to boot. But outside of the video, there isn't much coverage from the company itself. This could be a strong campaign that transcends multiple channels.

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