Visit Seattle is the marketing arm of the city’s destination marketing organisation.

Audience: B2C

Type: Hero

Campaign Title: Visit Seattle TV

What It Is

Written content has its place in the travel and tourism industry but Visit Seattle, the marketing arm for destination marketing in the area, took it one step further. Instead of telling its audience about how great the city and its people are, it showed them through video. is a platform dedicated to visual content that portrays the quirky but inspiring daily life, beautiful views and the rich culture that the city has to offer. It's the B2C marketing version of Netflix but on a smaller scale. Unique series have multiple seasons which capture visitors' attentions' and give them a “try before they fly” of what makes Seattle… well, Seattle.

Why We Like It

That we all find ourselves in the streaming era just goes to show how valuable video can be as content. Visit Seattle is one of the first to truly buy into its value, dedicating a vast sum of resources into video production. These series are exceptionally well created, thought out and hopefully driving boatloads of traffic.

How We’d Add To It

To get an even larger audience, why not turn to social? Visit Seattle presumably owns the rights of these television series so it shouldn't be a problem to clip or drop an entire show onto Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and any other relevant platforms. It's free content - targeted promotion will make sure it finds an interested audience.

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