Content strategy made simple - quick how to

For any piece of content to be successful, it needs to speak to a specific person, with a specific need, and at a specific point in his or her buyer journey. 

This may sound complex, but strategy expert, Andi Jarvis breaks it down into three simple steps to help you get started with creating super-targeted content to drive more engagement and results for your company.

Video Transcript

Hiya, my name is Andi Jarvis from Eximo Marketing. My tip is for B2B or B2C companies because it's about strategy and getting back to basics, right. Focus before you start creating content and on being super clear on who you're targeting and why are they going to buy from you.

Step 1- the 'who'

Now you might laugh, but go and ask three or four people in the office, who are you targeting, who's the most important customer group, and I bet you get three or four different answers. It happens in so many companies. Get real clarity, real focus on who you're going to create content for first before you move on anywhere else.

Step 2 - the 'why'

Secondly, understand why they want to buy from you, not why you think they want to buy from you, but why they actually want to buy from you. Have a look at reviews online, have a look at what your customer services team are telling you, have a look at what people are saying when they're sending products back. Find out what difference your product makes to their life and start talking about that.

Step 3 - the 'benefits

So, I talk about features, advantages, and benefits. A lot of the time we talk about features, product has X number of wheels, bottle is so big, whatever it might be, but people don't care about that, they care about the benefits. How is this product going to help make their life easier? What problem is it going to solve for them? So, connect those two. Who are you targeting and why are they going to buy from you?

And when you've got that focus, and that's the key, that's when you start generating great content. I've seen too many content marketing strategies in too many organizations be scattergun, could be over here, over there, different customers, different companies. I mean, you're just not focused.

So, if you keep that focus on what you're going to do, that's the essence of strategy anyway, and then you can create better content out the back of that.

Hope you find that useful. If you want to get in touch, you can find me at or if you search for Eximo Marketing, that's E-X-I-M-O, you'll find me on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook.

Thank you.



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