Now is the time to embrace audio content

With consumers spending more time at home or alone in 2020, marketers have spotted a huge uptake in audio content and listenership. According to new data from Nielsen, 23% of remote workers listen to "spoken word" audio content every day, and 30% listen at least once a week.

If you've already gone to the trouble of writing a well-researched blog post, why not go the extra mile by including a recorded version of your text? 

Phil Nottingham explores the power of audio for extending the reach of your content and giving your audience an additional way to consume your wisdom.

Video Transcription

Hi, I'm Phil. Quick content marketing tip from me, include embedded audio on all of your blog posts. If you're creating loads of blog posts, it's a very, very simple and easy thing to do, to quickly record an audio version of that, as well, and then embed an audio player at the top. What this allows is the people who maybe are interested in what you have to say, but don't want to spend ages reading through. Maybe they're on a mobile device. Maybe they just prefer to listen in the background, given a new way of experiencing your content.

So you can take this content that you've spent a long time loving and creating and get more out of it by turning it into an audio experience, as well. And this also means if you create a string of them and you have a blog post series, you can also turn it into a podcast, so thereby creating a new content asset that you can distribute through new marketing channels. Really, really simple, easy to do. Get started.



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