How to continuously expand your keyword list

With any SEO project, you typically start by finding the exact keywords related to the products and services you offer. Once you've gained some initial results, you may wish to target new keyword opportunities by discovering potentially untapped search verticals that are both relevant and traffic generating.

Francesco Baldini shares​ ​three ​quick tips to help make keyword expansion and targeting a continuous and iterative practice you perform for the life of a site.


Video Transcription

Hello, my name is Francesco, a freelance lead generation and SEO consultant. Today, I'm going to give you three quick tips for your keyword research and then your content.

Tip one. If you struggle to find some keywords, you should get most of them from your competitors. Identify with a one that ranked for similar topics, analyze them with a keyword research tool, such as Ahrefs, Moz or SEmrush, and then use the same tools to identify their competitors. So you can find multiple ways to find... multiple competitors to find different keywords. Feel free to adjust your search on the tools based on domains or some folders, and so on. On pages, this depends on your project.

Second tip. Once you have your target keywords, don't just focus on them. You want your page to have multiple access point from a search perspective. So analyze what others do. Do your research to provide your content creator, add some topics, add entities you should include and so on. It happened multiple times that when I added a few, just a few, words to a content I was working on, the page that was ranking in the past on page 10 or page 15, went on page one in a matter of a few hours.

When we talk about multiple access point, we mean that you should also optimize your page for getting the most out of any other elements. As elements, I mean you should... that analyze your... the current results for the page, where you can find videos, photos, FAQ's, rich snippets in general. On this area, you should be quick, because Google tends to change many times their... how the results appear. So you can't implement things too late.

Okay, as a recap, expanding your keyword search with the competitors and their search competitors. Improve your page to get multiple access points in search. And optimize your page for features that you can identify on the current results page, be quick about that.

If you include these tips in your current process, you should be able to potentially get great results and visibility.

I hope you learned something here. Thank you for listening. Bye-bye.



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