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Why you should target comparison keywords

Brian Dean explores the power of comparison keywords for capturing buyer traffic.

Consumers who search for comparison keywords are one step closer to making a purchase. By directly comparing your product or service against the competition, you’ll be able to “own” the conversation when they weigh up different solutions to their problem. 

Brian Dean takes a look at how comparison keywords tend to be some of the best keywords in a niche and why you should incorporate them into your content strategy.

Video Transcription

Hey, what's up, everybody? Brian Dean here, and my tip is to go after what are known as versus keywords. So versus keywords are basically any keywords that compare two different things. So some examples would be paleo versus keto, AWeber versus MailChimp, SEMrush versus Ahrefs, iPhone versus Android. Any keyword that includes comparisons of two specific things.

So why are these good and why do I recommend them? Well, first of all, they tend to be searched for by people that are pretty advanced. So if you look at a keyword like keto diet, someone searching for keto diet or what is the keto diet, they probably just heard about it. They're not really that familiar with it and therefore if you go with the whole buying cycle approach to marketing, they're very early. There's a place for that, but if you want to go after people that are a little bit later on, versus keywords are better because that person tends to be a lot more sophisticated, a lot more further along.

So it's a difference between someone's searching for email marketing, just getting started, versus ConvertKit versus Aweber, ConvertKit versus MailChimp or whatever. That person's much further along. They're actually comparing two different tools or two different approaches, in some cases. It could be email marketing versus social media. The point is they tend to be a lot further along and they tend to be less competitive. So if you want to find these versus keywords there's an opportunity there because most keyword research tools don't bring them up, which means they're not competitive.

But I've found two tools that actually specifically bubble up versus keywords. One is AnswerThePublic and the other is Ubersuggest. In both of them, type in a keyword, get your list of results and then filter just by versus keywords. So that's what I tend to do when I'm on the hunt for them.

So yeah, I hope you found that helpful and I'll talk to you later.

Brian Dean
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