Cisco’s Interactive Catalogue

Cisco is an American company that specialises in cybersecurity and networking solutions.

Audience: Enterprise

Industry: Cybersecurity

Type: Hub

Campaign Title: CX Product Catalogue

What It Is

Cisco decided to give its customers an interactive experience to really get to know their products. Technical specifications and product catalogues can be bland, so Cisco decided to stand out from its competitors with interactive 3D models for over 50 of their products.


Why We Like It

The interactive catalogue contains a good spread of products from small switches to powerful routers making the catalogue a valuable resource for various different customers.

The 3D models are made with high-resolution images allowing the user to make out small details on the back of the products.

How We’d Add To It

We’d love to see two improvements here. Firstly, Cisco could align to the buyer’s journey by showing what other products work with the one you are currently viewing – provide the target audience with a comprehensive solution and anticipate their needs. A hover over system could bring up a small body of text further explaining the product features and advantages.

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