#SephoraSquad: The influencer campaign

Sephora is a Paris–based French multinational chain of personal care and beauty stores.

Audience: B2C

Type: Superhero: Innovative content that sets the bar by incorporating new formats or channels to engage with the audience outside of the usual mediums.

Campaign Title: #SephoraSquad


What It Is

Sephora created an influencer partnership opportunity where enthusiasts of the make-up world could apply to be a brand ambassador. It’d give them the backing to test Sephora's products and review them across the internet.

Sephora used the opportunity to engage with its audience of micro-influencers, who are already interested in make-up reviews, to get them to promote products by creating content for the powerhouse beauty retailer.


Why We Like It

One of the biggest beauty retailers around the globe got it right: Sephora selected 24 influencers to join the program and they were incredibly diverse, representing a range of different ethnicities, nationalities, gender and sexual orientations, skin tones and hair textures. This was a massive opportunity to show Sephora’s inclusive company culture and reach more people.


How We’d Add To It

Give the wider target audience the opportunity to select some of the influencers. Brands that listen to their customers have more success. A great way to get even more people engaging with the Sephora brand would be to run a competition between some of the ambassadors and invite the audience to select the ones that they believe tell the best story about the products.



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