Google’s Internet Legends

Google is an international technology company that sells internet-related services.

Audience: B2C

Type: Hub: Content that is consistently produced and captures the audience’s attention and engages through relevancy.

Campaign Title: Internet Legends


What It Is

Google has given the world greater access to information thanks to its search engine and its Internet Legends educational hub helps ensure users - especially upcoming generations - stay safe. The platform is for students, teachers and parents alike.

It features an interactive learning game, called Interland, that teaches children internet safety best practices. It also has lesson plans for teachers, a guide for parents and a contact form to get in touch with the charity Barnardos for workshops on internet safety. The information revolves around five codes: think before you share, check it's for real, protect your stuff, respect each other and when in doubt, discuss.




Why we like it

Google is one of the direct links to the many corners of the internet - both good and bad. It's encouraging to see that the company is taking a role in ensuring the youth of the world are able to determine right from wrong and stay safe online. Internet Legends is a free resource that's nothing but beneficial to its users.



How We’d Add To It

The content, interactive game and Internet Legends website itself are all top-notch - we don't have anything to add. It would be nice to see Internet Legends have more of a social media footprint than a hashtag, since you'd expect that's one of the few ways that children would find it organically.



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