MarketMuse: Website


MarketMuse is a US-based technology company that sells AI content planning and optimisation software.

Audience: B2B

Type: Hygiene: Basic content like landing pages and FAQs that provide customers with answers to their questions.

Campaign Title: MarketMuse’s Website

Explore MarketMuse's website.




What It Is

MarketMuse is known for its AI-driven content planning and optimisation platform, which offers marketers and SEO specialists eight tools to help them produce better content. While the software is a fairly new innovation in the field, MarketMuse doesn't create any barriers to understanding what it is, how it works and how it can help someone do his or her job.

Its straightforward website design takes inspiration from its navigation bar, which has only five options and includes a call to action. Audiences who navigate to the Product page will be able to explore each tool in its entirety, as well as find visual references.




Why We Like It

MarketMuse's website strikes an excellent balance between the simplicity of its design and the complexity of its product. By removing the drop-down on the navigation bar, the audience is able to explore the platform organically via the Product page.

The visuals and language that's used to explain the tool make it easy for anyone to understand the value proposition. Users can also test the product seamlessly on the page by providing a URL to a piece of content.


How We’d Add To It

A lot of thought, planning and effort clearly went into MarketMuse's website and it shows on the finished product. Although there's a healthy mix of images and text on the product pages, we wonder what sort of impact videos would have on the product landing pages. We'd like to think it would positively influence conversion rates for the 'Analyze my content' lead generation tactic.


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