Adobe is a US-based multinational software provider.

Audience: B2B

Industry: Software

Type: Hero

Campaign Title: CMO

What It Is

Adobe is well-known for its range of software used by marketers across the world, from Adobe Photoshop to its automated marketing platform, Marketo. With Chief Marketing Officers and similar users sitting squarely as their target persona, Adobe creating a content hub - aptly named CMO - makes a lot of sense.

The hub boasts a large volume of content across four key pillars: customer experience, future of work, emerging technology and trends. Within those pillars are over two dozen topics that dive into niche topics, making it easy for decision-makers to find exactly what they're looking for. Each pillar seamlessly blends with one of Adobe's product offerings.

Adobe CMO

Why We Like It

If the branding weren't so omnipresent, you might think that CMO is a stand-alone publication with no influence. It features detailed analysis, custom-designed graphics and excellent writing. It's uniquely built to impress a persona that sees a lot of content already in his or her daily life.

How We’d Add To It

Adobe is caught squarely in the middle between pushing out valuable content and heavily branding it. We recommend scaling back the mentions of Adobe, starting with pushing CMO to its own domain. The company can still have an influence within the content, but the hub should give the appearance of being impartial.

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