Buffer provides social media management software for users to manage accounts across a variety of social networks.

Audience: B2B

Industry: SaaS

Type: Hero

Campaign Title: Buffer's Marketing Library


What It Is

Many companies nowadays are using educational resource centres to draw in readers who are interested in these topics. Buffer's version of this is its marketing library, which offers a bevvy of guides on Instagram, Facebook and other social media channels geared towards business owners.

Where most companies that invest in these hubs offer certifications, Buffer forgoes that strategy to make the content easily accessible to anyone who's interested. It's paired with a new podcast, Breaking Brands, which features a five-part series on an agency launching a business to market and all the decisions and dilemmas that are entailed with it.


Why We Like It

Some of the content hubs that come with certifications can feel daunting for new marketers to jump into. Buffer removes the red tape by giving its advice without any strings attached.

Readers may not get a line item on their CVs because of it, but they'll learn the information they need to get a successful project or campaign on there.

How We’d Add To It

The design of the webpage that the marketing library is living on could use a more targeted layout in terms of organisation and accessibility. While the library benefits from being on Buffer's main domain, it'd be interesting to see how it functions as a spin-off into its own domain and potentially own brand.

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