Focus on customer motivation for best outcomes

Motivation is a powerful tool in any marketer’s belt.

When you understand your customer's motivation, you have a better idea of how to create a truly compelling message that connects with them. Becky Simms explains how marketers can go about knowing the person behind the purchase and leveraging these insights to power effective campaigns.

Video Transcription

And I'm Becky Simms, I'm the Founder and CEO of Reflect Digital. And my top marketing tip, whatever type of marketing it is that you're doing, is to move away from using your traditional demographics to decide targeting and messaging. And instead, just start thinking about motivation.

What motivates someone to buy your product, your service, or whatever it is that you're trying to get them interested in? Even if it's a white paper download, what would motivate them? What's the outcome, and what is it that's going to make a difference for them?

And suddenly, we can start to craft messages based around motivation that really target in on what the human experience is. And instead of just having these buckets of people based on age and gender, etc., we start to really understand our audience and their motivation, and how we can use that.



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