Roche: Annual Report

Roche masterfully spins video, creative design and content into visually engaging annual reports.

Audience: B2B

Type: Hero: Standalone assets that dive into a topic in-depth to give readers a solution to their challenges, usually as the centrepiece of a campaign.

Campaign Title: Annual Report

What It Is

Annual reports usually slip under the radar as labour-intensive exercises in reading, but Roche bucks the trend with its wildly creative and visually engaging interpretation. The company pulls the most interesting information into an easy-to-read digital format that uses video, images, graphs and other design elements.

Readers can move through the sections, getting a glimpse of what each has to offer before deciding to go more in-depth. With the click of a button, they're transported to a slightly larger and more exhaustive look at the topic - which represents any number of Roche's areas of interest. In the end, readers can download the report in a traditional eBook format.


Why We Like It

Annual reports are vital content for shareholders and while they may not be prospects or customers, they need to be considered in content marketing.

Roche makes it easy for them to digest the business' annual review, giving them greater access to information. Plus, Roche has just simply figured out a really interesting way to present what's normally considered dry information.


How We’d Add To It

When clicking into the individual sections, users can quickly find themselves on the next one just by scrolling down a bit. It may be in the best interest of user experience to add a button of some sort that confirms you're ready to move onto the next page - otherwise, it can get a bit jarring.




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