Video is on its way to taking over the internet - did you know that 74% of all internet traffic in 2017 will be video? There are also many different tools out there which have emerged from this trend and Ezvid is one.

If you’re like us, and you rely on the Microsoft Snipping Tool for capturing on-screen evidence at least 5 times a day, Ezvid may be a game-changer.  For those that have not yet discovered the Snipping tool, you’re in for two pleasant surprises.

The Snipping Tool is a basic screen capturing tool which can usually be found in your windows menu, and allows you to crop any area of your screen and save it as a JPEG.  Ezvid goes that step further, by allowing you to record in-depth explanations and demonstrations, edit your videos and upload your own content too.

Why would I need to record my computer screen?

Well, you may want to send a video to everyone in the office, showing them how to load the dishwasher. Consider it an office equivalent of the wildly successful video where a dad shows his kids how to change a toilet roll.

But there are many really useful ways you could use Ezvid for your content strategy, or just make your business day run that bit more smoothly. Here are just 3 examples:

1.      Online Presentations

Having flat ppt presentations on your website is one thing, but having a voiced over presentation which alternates between the screen and you just flat out beats the pants off that. You can include video that you have captured from TV, YouTube and drawn on or commentated over to add real life to it. You can then post to your YouTube channel and Slideshare, email it to your field network or potential clients.

2.      Product demonstration

You can record a demonstration video of your product, upload it onto Ezvid and then add a quick voice-over to talk your customers through each step.

3.      Webinar

Not all webinar software captures the session and allows you to email it or play it online at a later stage. If yours is one of those, then this can bridge that gap for you.

How to use Ezvid

(We tried to record a demonstration of Ezvid, but it seems the only thing it can’t record is itself. Typical).

  1. After you have opened the tool, simply press the computer screen icon to begin recording your screen.
  2. You may want to begin ‘live commentary’, which is in advanced settings, to begin recording your voice along with your screenvideo-in-content
  3. But there is a neater way to do this, so unless you’re Bill O’Herlihy, we recommend recording your screen first, editing your video, and then recording your voice-over. Live commentary can get messy.
  4. The toolbar below your video is a basic video editor. You can snip and merge blocks of audio and media, and it’s easy-peasy to do.

video editing stool free

You can save your file and send it as an attachment, or keep it all to yourself.

Music copyright wars and the Ezvid loophole

What have music copyright wars got to do with screen recording? Well Ezvid knows enough about their users to know that many of them need to upload their videos to YouTube.

YouTube requires that all videos are copyright protected, so to ensure that their videos will be allowed on YouTube, Ezvid have given users access to only ‘pre-cleared’ background music.

For a silent background, select ‘the silent machine’ option from the drop down music menu. The first noiseless song known to man perhaps, and a clever get-out clause.

At 256 Media, we love all types of content – especially video! Ezvid is a cheap and cheerful option, and has some great uses. If, however, you are looking for something more professional or want to know how to use video as part of your content marketing strategy, then don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

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